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  • When to appoint a conveyance solicitor

    A solicitor is an kind of mediator between two parties who speaks in support of their client. Not all solicitors offer legal help across many different services.


    Some solicitors specialise in company litigations, injury, divorce or employment law etc.


    Solicitors who settle issues between two parties with regards to buying and selling a property would be known as conveyancing solicitors. In other words, conveyance solicitors are arbiters who transfer the power of ownership rights from one person to the other through a legal process.


    The conveyancing process usually starts when you put your property up for sale and it typically ends when you hand over the keys to the buyer.


    Usually, the conveyancing solicitor won’t transfer the property free of charge. They would always expect a fee large enough in order to adequately pay for their time and expertise.


    Some local estate agents may boast low property conveyancing fees if you use their appointed solicitor. But this is total nonsense in most cases. Typically this can be a marketing ploy to win your business, so be sure to thoroughly understand their fee structure.


    Whether selling or buying a house, the buyer would needs to ensure that the boundaries of the property are clearly defined and that structurally the property is sound. A surveyor can also be expensive which can significantly add to your costs. The estate agent and the surveyor might suggest a particular conveyancing solicitor but in most cases the surveyor is appointed by the solicitor. You should be aware that conveyancing solicitors won't survey your house.


    If you are a buyer then you can contact the seller direct. If you are happy with the everything put forward by the seller then make an agreement that both parties can sign but ensure the agreement is valid.


    This would be a more cost effective way for buy and sell property and a way that benefits both parties. Be aware that some serious issues can arise when exchanging contracts and ownership rights. In this scenario you may need a conveyancing solicitor.


    You don’t have to go opt for local conveyancers also you can conduct research online (http://www.dphlegal.com/) and find useful information by the land registry authorities.


    When you sell a property which is old, then the need for a full property survey is crucial. You need to make sure that if you're buying that you are investing into a solid asset.


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